Missing Mumbai girls

Hi everyone

Let me clear that this is not an article written by a lonely bachelor, missing a lover, but actually a quote from Mumbai Mirror. It was an article about the sex ratio in the Maharashtra state. This refers to a newly published Census of India. It is actually quite some interest reading here, and a lot of things that I was not aware of.

 But back to the missing Mumbaian girls. According to the article, there are about 1, 05 girls for each boy in European countries. The main reason for this is that girls live longer than boys and it seems like they are also more resistant to disease. I’m not really sure if it also means that there are more girls than boys getting born also. In India the same figure shows 0, 94, which mean that there are about 6 % less girls than boys in India. The article looked in details about the sex rate for children between 0-6 years. It is maybe not a great shock that it is like this in the northern states of India like Bihar (0.912), Uttar Pradesh (0.899) and Madhya Pradesh (0.912), but what seems quite surprising is that with a rate of 0.833, Maharashtra has the lowest rate of the whole country!

What was also quite surprising was that when I looked into what I really thought was the official site, the numbers were different from what was in the newspaper article! Still Maharashtra had a low number, but it was 0,883 and not 0,833. Maybe I have misunderstood something here?

Why is it like that? I’m probably not the right person to answer on this, but the article suggested that especially in poor families maybe girls get less nutrition, fewer visits to the doctor and more sickness than boys.

I must admit that I was not at all surprised to see that the sex ratio in India as such was this low, but to see that Maharashtra was on top, or should we rather see bottom of that statistic really surprised me. It would be extremely interesting to see the statistic split by cities and countryside. Will the ration be higher or lower in the cities? I would surely expect it to be higher, but are not sure. A city like Mumbai is extremely diverse, so it might very well be that the statistic is the same in the city as in the countryside.

Talk to you soon!



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