Hi everyone

Our first stop on the Rajasthan Easter trip was at Jodhpur. I really think that is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. On the first day we travelled on plane from Mumbai, via Udaipur to Jodhpur. After having to wake up at 3 am we were quite exhausted when we finally arrived in Jodhpur. But the hotel was nice, and after a few hours in the swimming pool we were ready to explore the city. Before I went to Rajasthan my colleagues warned me that everyone there would try to get maximum payment from tourist, so I was a little bit worried with about the auto vallahs there. But by using some few words in Hindi and making it very clear that I wanted no nonsense in the price, it was no problem.

Jodhpur was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha, a Rajut chief of the Rathore clan. Jodha succeeded in conquering the surrounding territory and thus founded a state which came to be known as Marwar. As Jodha hailed from the nearby town of Mandore, that town initially served as the capital of this state; however, Jodhpur soon took over that role, even during the lifetime of Jodha. The city was located on the strategic road linking Delhi to Gujarat. This enabled it to profit from a flourishing trade in opium, copper, silk, sandals, date palms and coffee

The first evening we had dinner at a roof top restaurant in the old city of Jodhpur. From there we could see the sun going down over the fabulous Mehrangarh Fort. It was a really lovely sight! There was even a festival going on at the hillside. The restaurant owner told us that it was the birthday of the Hindu God Hanuman, so there where music, dancing and even some firework. Just fantastic. So the day after, we went up early, or well, we planned to get up early, and were at the hillside next to the fort about 30 minutes before it opened. From here we could see both the fort most part of the Jodhpur city.

Inside the fort it is possible to walk around and see a lot of the ancient life of the rulers of Jodhpur. The maybe most impressing sight is the blue city, which is kind of behind the fort. There are different reasons mentioned on why the houses are painted blue. The most sensible I have heard is maybe that it helped to keep the houses cold and also to keep the mosquitoes away from the buildings.

Another thing you could see from the fort is the famous Umaid Bhawan Palace, which is both a palace and a hotel. After having seen it during the day, we decided that we just had to have a dinner there. And that turned out to be the very correct thing to do! We had a fantastic 9 dishes dinner there! If you are planning for the most luxurious stay in Jodhpur, I can highly recommend this hotel.

Tomorrow I hope to take you through some of the other experiences in Jodhpur.

Talk to you soon!



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