Jodhpur experiences

Hi everyone

It’s only when you travel around in India that you really understand the diversity that is in the country. Rajasthan is so different from Mumbai. Its miles and miles of what look like deserts. It would be interesting to be here in the rainy season to see how it is then.

Roaming around in Jodhpur was also quite different from Mumbai. The first thing that strikes you is off course the lack of traffic. When my dad visited India he expected to see cows all over the places. But in Mumbai there is just no space for cows. But in Jodhpur there were a lot. Once I almost literary fall over one.

Another big difference is the tourism and shops that are all around. In Mumbai we also have street shops, but they sell mostly to local people. In Jodhpur they were clearly targeting the tourists. Most of the shopkeepers were quite good in English, and yes, they really knew how to speak. It was quite funny when one of them told us that he studied tourism half of the day and worked in the shop the other half. He very much wanted us to take a picture of him, and also to send it to him. When my friend asked how to send it, he said that we could just use e-mail or give it to him on Facebook!

One of the things they sold the most in Jodhpur, and also all over Rajasthan were paintings. You could get them in any color and shape. Some of them had showed the places, while others wedding processions was another popular motive. You can see one example on this at the picture below. This kind of pictures you could get like everywhere. We visited quite a few studios in search for the perfect picture. 

The dressing in Rajasthan is also quite different from what we see in Mumbai. Yes, there are people using western clothes also in Jodhpur, but absolutely the most of them use traditional clothes. And with traditional, I really think about traditional. The turban is widely used by men in Rajasthan. It is said that by looking at the color and how the turban is shaped you can actually know a lot about the person who wears it.

Talk to you soon!



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