Mount Abu

Hi everyone

After a couple of days in Jodhpur, our journey continued to Mount Abu. A 5.30 am train trip should take us there. There were some nervous minutes at the hotel during check out, as the auto that should take us to the station was not there in time. But as soon as we got into the train, things were fine. I have now been on long-distance trains in India a couple of times, and have really started to feel comfortable there. Of course there are some slight worries with the fact that there is no information about the next station, so you either have to know where to go off, or to ask someone. We were lucky and got off at the right station.

Mount Abu itself is a nice, green hilltop at the southern part of Rajasthan. It might not have the same number of forts and castles as some of the more popular tourist destinations, but it has some fantastic fresh air and the very nice Naki Lake. We used the day there mostly as a time to relax, and take a break from the fort sightseeing. We spent quite some time at pedaling around in a small boat on the lake. It was a bit funny when local Indian tourist pedaled over to us and started to take pictures! Clearly, Mount Abu is not the place where foreigners are that common…

Another funny thing we observed at Mount Abu was a photographer who was picturing local girls who were dressed for marriage. Or at least it looked like that. The girls were all dressed in local nice dresses.

Our hotel was placed at the top of a hill, with a spectacular view of the lake. Like so many hotels in Rajasthan, this hotel was also once a palace. It was decorated with a lot of pictures of previous rulers who had lived there. And the room we had was just fantastic! I think it must have been more than three meters to the ceiling, and enormous in size.

Talk to you soon!



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