100 blog posts

Hi everyone

Earlier this week I wrote my 100th blog post, or blog post number 100 or something like that. Maybe not a huge achievement, when you know that blogs like Arsenal blog has been there for 10 years and is being updated every day. 10 years, every day, that should be about 36000 blog posts, right? So I still have some way to go.

But for me, as a very much hobby and amateur blogger, I was quite happy to reach that number. But off course, more important than the number of blog posts are the number of people who reads the blog. So a lot of thank to all of you who have read it and who have given me feedback.

A few days ago, I think I passed 9 months here in India. Even that is maybe not such an enormous achievement, as I have meet foreigners who have been here for years. But I must admit that I’m quite happy with all that I have seen, learned and discovered in these 9 months. It has also been interesting to try to overcome all challenges I have had to get access to Internet her in India. You should believe that Internet was very important for a country like India, but the service I have got from the different providers have been quite poor.

Right now, my future here in India is a bit in the blue. My contract expires at the end of July, and my work visa expires at the 30th of June. So it might be that I have to leave the country before or at that time. There are still some discussions going on regarding an extension of my contract, but I’m not that optimistic. This is off course a bit pity, as I do enjoy my life here in India a lot and really would like to continue working and living here.

But even if I have to leave soon, I do think I have enough material for another one hundred blog posts so please continue visit this small blog. I really enjoy the communication with all of you.

Talk to you soon!

One thought on “100 blog posts

  1. I hope you get to stay in India beyond june. I enjoy reading your analysis as it gives me an interesting perspective on how we Westerners look at the phenomenon of India. The most fascinating part is how Westerners from different countries look at India.


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