How will the Osama case affect relations between India and Pakistan?

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Today I had planned to write a small article about use of turbans in western India, as part of the summary of my Rajasthan trip. But some events in the neighbor country kind of did it impossible not to change this.

I got to know about this early yesterday morning Indian time, and would guess that was close to when it was published even in USA. During the day I did not have the bandwidth to follow up much more in detail, but I got to watch the news in the evening.

There will probably be a lot of people who will comment on this event over the next few days, and tell how important this is for the west and such. I will not join in that, but just try to drop in a few points from my observations here about how this will affect the relationship between India and Pakistan, as Osama was killed in Pakistan.

What was clear, already when I watched the news on TV yesterday, was that in India the focus is just as much on Pakistan’s role here as on the immediate consequences for USA. In today’s Hindustan Times, the prime minister of India, Manmohan Singh, is quoted of saying: “International community and Pakistan in particular must work to end activities of terror groups”. And the home minister, P Chidabaram takes it maybe even one step further by saying: “This (Osama’s killing) underlines our concern that terrorists find sanctuary in Pakistan”. The home minister of the state of Maharashtra even says that: “This while they [the Pakistan government] denied that the Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks were hatched in Pakistan. But, Osama’s death has only reiterated what our police have been saying”.

So there you go. The tone between the two nuclear power bomb nations has really been changed. We should not forget that India had its worst terror attack a few years more recent than the one in USA. The one terrorist that was taken alive from that attack is a Pakistani. So there is no doubt to me that the politicians here will take this opportunity to use some really strong words against Pakistan to get them to do more against terrorism. Let’s just hope that tings don’t escalate any further from there.

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One thought on “How will the Osama case affect relations between India and Pakistan?

  1. War is not good for anyone. War doesnt do any good to the society. World needs peace and prosperity. If at all we need to hate something, we must hate violence.


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