Differences between Norway and India – part III (I think)

Hi everyone

Sorry for having being absent lately. The last couple of days I have been a bit “in the air” and also doing some vacation home in Norway. I’m still in Norway, but now back at the office. This is the first time I’m back in Norway since November, and it is quite interesting to see the differences here between now and then. Looking back at older posts, I see that last time I actually compared Norway and India; it was rainy season in Mumbai. This time it is spring in Norway. The only other comparison I have done is on the meaning of “YES”.

The first thing I noticed when I landed in Norway is how extremely green it is here. Last time I was in Norway, it was bitterly cold and white almost everywhere. When I spotted people biking around in the cycle-tracks, I must admit that I got a little bit jealous. We surely don’t have much like that in Mumbai, so that is one huge difference. Off course this things are different in more rural India, where there is more space, but if I compare Oslo and Mumbai, the share amount of space in Oslo is surely one of the biggest differences that I notice.

One other interesting difference is also the fact that the sun is, I think, stronger in Norway than in Mumbai! Not really sure if it is like that, but it surely feels like. This might be due to the smog that is in Mumbai that make the sun not feeling that hot. It was quite surprisingly to come back to my hometown and feel the real heat there. Well, not really heat the Indian way, with all the humidity, but at least the warm feeling from the sun was there. One of my Indian colleagues was in Sweden some time back, and she commented that her skin actually turned darker when she was there due to the sun.

It is also surely very remote in Norway. Yesterday we were having dinner at a beach restaurant in one small village of Norway. The weather was quite nice, and you would probably expect it to be quite a few people around, but that was not the case. The whole place was absolutely empty. The only other people who were around were the fire brigade. They were cleaning the streets! We joked that there had probably not been any fires in that small town for some time, so in order to have something to do; they started to use their fire hoses to wash the streets! Anyone who can imagine the fire brigade in Mumbai doing the same?

And off course one funny difference was when one of my friends very gently told me that: “Karsten, you are supposed to drive at the right hand side of the street while in Norway…”

Talk to you soon!


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