Indias most competitive states

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When you think about the rise of India, you most probably think about the computer business. But, like everything else in India, it is not really just like that. And there are huge differences between the different states in India when it comes to growth. Business World India had an interesting article about this recently.

They diverted the states into three groups. Those with high average income per capita (more than $900), those with medium income, and those with low income. Goa is the leading state, with an average income of $1,597 per capita, while Bihar is the one with lowest income, just $254, or six times less than Goa. Only five states are in the group of high income.

One interesting thing to see is that except from Maharashtra (Mumbai), which is in the high income group, the other IT-intensive states are in the medium group. This applies to Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Karnataka (Bangalore), Andhra Pradeh (Hyderabad) and West Bengal (Kolkata). So clearly, IT is not everything that decides the income in the states.

I don’t have the any figures that compares the numbers in this list with previous studies, but it is also quite clear that some states improves more than others. The article singles out Gujarat as the one state that probably will raise its level soon. Right now, Gujarat is placed second in the medium group ($891 average per capita income). Gujarat is also a state that does a lot of investment in infrastructure, it has more than 40 ports that make it a hub for manufacturing and export activity. Gujarat has signed moment of understanding with various companies that add up to proposed investments worth $879 billion! This will surely help to add the states competitiveness even further.

You can read the full story here.

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