Mumbai against corruption

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When you think about India, corruption is sadly one of the words that easily come into your mind. In the Transparency International corruption index for 2010 India is ranked as number 87 among 178 countries (Denmark is on top and Norway is 10th). In 2001 India was shared 71, so we can hardly say that things are going in the right direction.

So it is really good to see that someone does at least something. At the 2nd of May it was a huge rally in Mumbai where people protested against the corruption. This was hosted by the India Against Corruption (IAC). Most of the participants were students. It is off course a very good thing if the young people of India start to protest against this already as students. Hopefully they will take that attitude with them when they grew older and move into powerful jobs. The rally started all the way up North in Borivali and ended up at the Gateway of India in south Mumbai. This is a full 47 kilometer distance, and there was a torch rally conducted here. It is estimated that the corruption in India is up to 50 lakhs crores, or 1.2 trillion dollars, according to a comment at Hindustan times. I’m not really sure if that is estimated to be the yearly corruption, or if it is over the last 50 years since independence, but it is anyway an insane high number!
Among the cases that have been mentioned in the press recently is the corruption during the commonwealth games last year, and the more recent 2G corruption scandal. This is a case that has been mentioned even in Norwegian newspapers. This because Unitech is highly involved. This company is a partner of the Norwegian company Telenor in Uninor. More about this story will come later.

The other talking point this week will surely be the IPL (India cricket league) play off. The grand finale is on Saturday, but before that there will be three semi-finals. Yes. Right. Three semi-finals. Most often it is off course only 2. But this is India, so everything can happen… They have made a special format on this. Tomorrow the winner of the point series, Bangalore will play the runners up, Chennai. The winner of that match will go directly to the final. The day after team number three, Mumbai, will meet team number four, Kolkata. The winner of that match will then meet the looser of the other match in order to fight for the last place in the final. It should be interesting…

Talk to you soon!

One thought on “Mumbai against corruption

  1. The Petroleum fund of Norway is per 2011 more than NOK With a “kind” dollar exchange of 5, that is $

    A trillion (a million million million) is 1.000 Split on 50 years should indicate that the Indian Corruption “Marketplace” is about 1.5 times the Norwegian Petroleum Fund – EVERY YEAR !! And NOT split on 50… (!)

    What to learn from this? India is av VERY BIG country – Norway is very small…


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