A not really average day

Hi Everyone

It’s strange how one day can change your thoughts about what a normal day is. When I walked home from work on Monday, I thought about what I should write in my next blog post, and figured out that I didn’t really have anything special to write about. Sometime back I wrote a post about an average day in Mumbai, and thought that maybe I ought to do something similar again. This was just until one of my colleagues suggested that we should go to a theater.

So yesterday, we left the office around 6.30 in the afternoon. This is probably exactly in the main peak hour in Mumbai, so I was a little bit concerned about the train. But after having taken the train a few times during peak hour, I’m more concerned about peak hour… We had to travel all the way from Vikhroli, our office, to Victoria Terminus (VT), the end station of the train. First we entered a train that went only to Dadar, which is about halfway. This train was, well not empty, but it was no problem to get seats. Seats, in the rush hour in Mumbai! You will not get that at the tube in Oslo if you enter it at the wrong time. At Dadar we changed to something called a fast train, which is a train that stops only at one station before VT. Again we got seats, and plenty of space. Where are all the people in the rush hour in Mumbai?

My colleague also taught me some new tricks about trains in Mumbai. When the train stopped at Dadar, it was a lot of people who immediately rushed into it. They tried to get the best seats for the journey back to wherever the train would go to. So my colleague ordered me to just sit still for a few minutes. Then the worst rush was over, and we could easily walk out. Same thing happened also at VT. Just that when we were there, we were a bit in a rush, so I was already ready at the exit door. Bad mistake. A lot of people ran into the train, even before it had stopped. I should just have waited a few minutes, and then walked out. Smart or what?

The plot at the theater was quite nice. It was about a young person who had applied for a job at an office. The interview didn’t really go according to his expectations… It was quite funny to see, and the actors did quite well. It’s also quite interesting to observe an Indian audience. They are always much more into what is being performed and taking part in it. No matter if it is a cricket match, a Bollywood movie or a theater. The audience will always cheer and applaud and really take part in what they see.

After the show we went to take dinner at one of the nice hotels in south Mumbai, Trident. The first thing I observed when we were about to arrive was that there were a lot of security people there, and even a military vehicle! When we got a bit closer, I could see that instead of the regular Trident flags, there were quite a few flags there with the logo of the cricket team Mumbai Indians! So suddenly I understood why the security was so high. The cricket stars stayed at the same hotel. We did see a few of them, but not the really biggest of the biggest stars. We might have seen Sarul Kanwar, but not really sure. But off course there were quite a few kids around there asking for autographs and such. I didn’t really feel for doing like that, but when I found all the bags unprotected in a corner, I just had to take a photo.

We left the hotel around 11 pm. At that time, some of the players were still roaming around in the hotel lobby. They do have a quite important match to play today, so I would kind of expect the team to be resting. So if they lose today, you know the reason…

Talk to you soon!



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