IPL Final

Hi Everyone

Tonight is the final of the IPL (Indian Premier League). In any other year, this would probably have been the biggest cricket match of the year! This year off course we have had the world cup here in India, and with India winning the final, we have to say that that was an even bigger match. But still, this is surely a huge one. After 73 preliminary matches it is Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challenges Bangalore who meet in the final. What can a Norwegian in Mumbai do on such a day? Well, I have put on my yellow CSK shirt and am eagerly watching the match! It’s interesting to see that while the Norwegian newspapers are all over the match between Matchester United and Barcelona, there is absolutely nothing about this match.

Chennai ended their inning with 205 runs, which is 10.25 runs pr over. For those of you who are not really into cricket; it’s a massive score! It will require a very special batsman to do something about this. But, Bangalore has exactly that guy, the West Indian Chris Gayle! He can do about everything if he really feels for. If Chennai can get him out early, then this should be quite possible. Will keep you updated during the match.

And what a start to the inning! Christ Gayle lasted two balls, and then got out. Not be too cheeky now CSK…

Second wicket gone already! 16/2. CSK got 159 before they lost they first.

69/5 after the first 10 overs. It is a very long way to get 206 now. Only 10 overs left.

The match is over and CSK are IPL champions for second year in a row! I like it! Even if RCB managed 2 maximum six in the last over, it wasn’t close to enough. The opening batting partnership of Vijay and Hussey won the match for CSK. Both the openers managed more than 50 runs, which is incredible in a final like this. Let the champagne flow and start the celebrations. Well, I think the celebrations have already started. Probably it started even before the last ball was bowled

Talk to you soon!



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