Monsoon season has started!

Hi Everyone

Yesterday we had the first glimpse of the monsoon in Mumbai this season. Quite a few of my Indian colleagues have told me that they do really enjoy the monsoon, and it is the best time of the year. The reasoning behind this is that everything is so clean and nice by then. Not really sure if I do agree with them.

Yesterday it started of the way I think the monsoon always starts. It was some nice drizzling initially, but soon the whole flooding was coming. Our office is in a building that used to be a manufacturing place. We have kind of build the office “inside” the manufacturing plant, so the outer roof is of corrugated plates. When the rain comes you can very easily hear it. You could see the smiles in my colleague’s faces when it first started to rain. They kind of looked at each other and said like: “Well, here we go. Three months of rain now”.

Luckily I had agreed to join a friend for dinner yesterday, so she picked me up just outside the office. No need to get to any auto, which was great. The only thing that was not so great is that we had to drive over the hill in order to get to the restaurant. Here the water came flooding like a river! Unfortunately, I did not managed to take some good pictures, but at least I made these two that shows some cars struggling in the water. And the poor motorbike struggled a big time. I think he got stuck in the water for some time, and could not move at all. The autos stopped all over the place, so you had to kind of drive slalom between autos that had stopped. And honking didn’t really work. The problem is that they have their engine so low that when there is a lot of water it comes over the engine, and it cuts of. And the water also brought with it a lot of waste! This is things that people had just thrown at the street. No one was off course prepared that the monsoon should start yesterday. Not really nice to see all kinds of things coming flooding against you when you drive uphill.


This morning it is not raining, so I got to the office without being wet. But I could see the scrap heaps everywhere on the road. Hopefully someone will clean up this. But I guess the monsoon this season will be just as unpredictable as every year before. As people say in Mumbai: “Mumbai ki barsaat ka aur Mumbai ki ladkiyon ki baat ka kabhi bharosa mat karo”. Please just check out my post from last year’s monsoon if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

And if anyone has good advices on how to take good pictures in the monsoon, please tell me!

Talk to you soon!



One thought on “Monsoon season has started!

  1. I liked your post, im peruvian but been living in Mumbai for a year and half now, not sure if this is the best season, but for me is def better that the prior months where the temperature reaches over 40 degrees! Also a lot of rain means people will have water supply on their houses this year, so thats why they love it. For better pictures get a spider tripod and adjust the zoom manually, worked for me. buy some butcher boots, they r pretty handy! 🙂


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