Mumbai Monsoon 1 – Karsten 0

Hi Everyone

Sorry that I have been quite for quite some time now. But I do think I have a good excuse, or rather, a very bad one. The monsoon has taken its toll. I have been down with some food poison for the last three days or so 🙂

It all started on Sunday. We were out and had a nice lunch in the middle of Powai. And then it started to drizzle. Some of us didn’t have an umbrella, so we decided to go to a shop and get one. We should have known better! Before we were halfway to the shop it was really pouring down. Most often there are quite a few people outside in Powai on a Sunday noon, but that day they it was 5. One stupid Norwegian, three stupid Englishmen and one stupid Burmese/Australian… All local Indian were inside. Some of us did run into the nearest restaurant, and they even sold hot chocolate, or at least something they called hot chocolate.

I have tried to get some pictures from the monsoon, but I think it is really difficult to get any pictures that actually show how it is. But if you can imagine yourself standing at the bottom of a hill, and suddenly a lot of water come down that hill. And I tell you that the hill is actually a road, so it shouldn’t really have been any water at all there. And if you look for any places to try to cross the road, there is just no one. It is water everywhere. I thought that I had found a place that was quite nice to cross, but as soon as I put my foot out on the street I could hardly see my shoe. Ohh. Did I forget to tell that all the water is quite dirty? So when your shoe disappears in dirty water within 10 minutes of raining, you might imagine that it is raining quite heavy.

As I said introductorily, I have been done with some food poison or such. Don’t want to go through the details about this, but I think I have found the reason behind it. On Sunday I wanted to eat a few carrots, and choose to wash it in my sink. This was probably not a good idea, as I then ended up by washing it in tap water. Off course, I’m not really sure if this was what caused the problem, but I would guess so.

Talk to you soon!



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