World 10K run for Nanhi Kali

Hi Everyone

In one of my posts a few weeks ago, I asked the question about how to further grow the Nanhi Kali project . Little did I know that time that one of my colleagues already had taken a huge initiative to do something. Last weekend Ravindranath A.NarasimheGowda completed the world 10 K run, and collected more than INR 20.000! Here is his story.

I am always passionate about sports, especially running, Cycling, Trekking and so on…  I used to take part in organized runs for 10K; Half Marathons and Urban Stampede (relay Run for Corporate participants). When our Capgemini  PRM team decided to link TCS World 10K  running effort with Noble Cause for raising fund  for the Nanhi Kali, a Foundation for supporting a Girl child Education, My interest deviated little bit from focusing completely on the running and I started thinking and focusing also to support a noble Cause.

To know more about Nanhi Kali foundation, please visit it’s home page.  As result of that, I started practicing for my 10K run and also started talking to friends about the event with a noble cause and forcing little bit of Social responsibility in to their mind.

 The Rule was that, everyone who registers for running through Capgemini Corporate category had to raise a minimum 2400 INR, so that they could support one Girl Child Education for one full year.

But our Organization (Capgemini) was generous and has shown lots of commitment to the Social responsibility, was sponsoring our amount and our responsibility were to take part in the run and completing it. 

          I wanted to make it little more exciting by contributing to the Cause and also wanted to make my friends, Colleagues and relatives to be a part of the Program. I was certainly all the more excited about the event as it was not just normal routine running, and completing it, but also strings attached to it, raising funds for a noble Cause. I certainly thought it is a time to do something for the society.


See Ravi at the left in this picture.

 I framed a nice mail to promote the cause and requesting people to support me in helping the Nanhi Kali foundation, and sent across to friends, colleagues and relatives to support me, in doing bit for the society and for the needy people. To my excitement, there were lots of encouraging words, mails and money poured in to support the great cause.  I was planning to raise around 10K so that we could sponsor 4 Kids for the whole year. The Overwhelming response from my all contacts continued to pour in, even after the run was over and even after I stopped collecting funds for the cause.

Finally I managed to raise 21750 INR which I exceeded my own expectation by raising more than double the amount, which I initially planned.

  On one hand, it is a satisfaction of completing yet another run of 10K and also raising money and supporting a noble cause and on the other hand, also making people contribute to the great social cause and making them part of it.  All in all, it was a wonderful experience and feeling.

With the money raised through this event, was finally handed over to Nanhi Kali foundation to sponsor the 4 Girl children Education for a period of 2 years.

Totally INR 21600 was raised for this fantastic good cause!

Finally, I didn’t forget to send out big thanks mail to all the people who supported this cause and event directly and indirectly to make it a big success in my perspective, without their support and valuable contribution, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve this target and to get the amazing feel of satisfaction of doing something for the society.

  I am sure; this not only encourages me to continue to work for a great social cause in future but also may bring in some changes in the mind of many people to do bit for the society and bring change in many people’s life who really need this kind of support.

Keep running for a healthy Lifestyle.

I really hope that this can encourage more people to do something similar.

Talk to you soon!



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