A perfect day for (roller) skiing in Norway

Hi Everyone

A lot of my friends in India very often ask what Norwegians mostly do. Well; we do have a joke saying that all Norwegians are born with skis on our feet! That is off course not really true, but to say that Norwegians are quite passionate about skiing that is for sure. This winter I was off course in Mumbai the whole time, and it was not so easy to do skiing there. So when I found out that my brother have some roller skis, I just had to try it! And just to clarify, in case you’re not sure, it is NOT snow in Norway now during the summer… We have some 15-20 degrees (Celsius) I would think, and the sun has not been very much present today.

So after some issues in finding out how to put on the skis, of I went! After one and half year without skiing at all, it was really fun. But it was also really though. When you go skiing in the winter, you can kind of push your way and then glide for some time. Particularly if it is flat or some downhill. This is due to the way the skis work against the snow. But when you only have two small wheels, you don’t have the same ability to glide. So this means that you really have to push all the way, even downhill. This was the first time ever I tried the roller skis, so it was really, really hard. And it is also a bit more dangerous, as the snow is softer when you fall. I did fall quite hard only once, but I guess it hurt my pride more than it hurt my butt. Totally I had a workout for an hour or so, and it was really fun. In Mumbai I have done some workout at the gym, but that is really not the same.

Hopefully I will have time do some more skiing during the summer vacation. If everything goes well, then, well, why not. I mean, roller skis in Mumbai… A crazy idea, but if I go out very early in the morning before all the cars and other crazy two wheelers. Or maybe I just have to make some laps around my building.

My big plan could maybe be to do the Mumbai Marathon on roller skis? Quite crazy, yes I would admit, but if I can do that to support the Nanhi Kali, why not? And it would be a perfect warm-up  for the Norwegian skiing season. Just a thought…

Talk to you soon!


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