Bombs in Mumbai

Hi Everyone

Yesterday it happened again. Three bombs went off at different locations in Mumbai! The memories of 2008 are clear. This time it seems clear that it is the business district of Mumbai that has been the target. The targets were one big market, a business house and also a train station. The fact that Dadar railway station was bombed this time is absolutely a bit worrying. I have planned to take a train from there to some other city in India quite soon. Now I off course have to review that decision.

Yesterday evening I spent quite some time calling colleagues in Mumbai (sorry for waking you up Amit). It seems like my colleagues have escaped, but people in Mumbai are monitoring the situation right now, as things are a bit chaotic there right now. Latest information from yesterday is that some 20 people are killed, and more than 140 are wounded. According to my colleagues there are also some rumors that there is still one more bomb that has not exploded as of now. Hopefully that is just rumors, but off course I understand that this shakes up people even more.

It is off course too early to say who is behind this, but some early clues points to the Indian Mujahideen, according to news in the press in India. I think I should leave the speculation to the people who are closer to the situation.

Right now I’m sitting back in Norway. Ironically I was at the Embassy yesterday to submit my application for a new Visa to India. When things like this happen, you off course always have to think about what to do. Should I go back to Mumbai or should I try to avoid the place? I think the comment one of my Indian colleagues made yesterday is the best one so far: “If you stay away, then these people will win”. So hopefully I will be back in Mumbai soon, and can update the story from there.

I will update this post when I get more information from friends & colleagues all over Mumbai.

Talk to you soon!



One thought on “Bombs in Mumbai

  1. “”These people are not just Indian Mujahideen..India has an exploding upwardly mobile middle class. Simultaneously the divide between haves and have nots in cities like Bombay has exponetially increased. Indian Mujahideen or other forms of social resistance (Maoist) in India is result of marginalization and isolation of the lower class in India.Unfortnately, minorities and lower castes still are majority in this lower class.

    77% of Indians live on less than Rs 20 / day (2007 estimates by the Indian govt). If some of the youth in these in the 77% aspire a mobile phone, mc donalds, restaurant food, bikes the easy way out is not provided by the state, but by illegal elements like terrorist organizations who ask these innocent youths to deliver a package here or keep bag there for a couple of thousand rupees. The Indian elite could learn a lot from the egalitarinism in Norway. Although dwindling, the egalitarian principles are still strong in our nation and should inspire booming economies like India.


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