More bloggers in Mumbai

One of the nicest things a blogger can experience is maybe to be recognized and linked to from other blogs. In Mumbai there are a number of blogs being maintained by people living and working there. Not all of them are of same quality, but some are quite useful, and can give some good hints for people who plan to move to Mumbai, or who just are interested to know more about life in Mumbai. Here are some of those blogs:

Sophie from England has a blog called Videsi Girl in Mumbai, where she writes something like a diary about life in Mumbai. She writes mostly about things she see and observe around her in Mumbai and it is quite interesting reading. It is being updated quite frequently. Why she writes the blog? Well, she give four quite good reasons herself; A- I don’t have a job and the chances of me finding a job on more than 5000 pounds per year is very slim and this will keep me occupied B- I hope it will be a useful tool for people moving or travelling to Mumbai C- I think it will be nice for people to see Mumbai from a different perspective D- I want something to show the grandkids when I’m older

Another blog, which is not that well updated is New Kid on the Block, written by “an Irish Geordie girl”. She has said that she plan to update it, so let’s hope that will happen.

Little Bird Bombay is written by Bronwyn from Canada. She says the following about her blog: “In Mumbai, I write generally about what I observe rather than my own experiences. My story is a detail, while this city is enormous and wild and offers as much as you could take. How many million thoughts, text messages and different conversations happen here every day? That said, the smallest details speak the most.” She mostly writes small stories of everyday life in Mumbai, and I do really feel that she writes quite a bit of what I would also like to write. The fact that she works in the social sector in India means that she is able to observe and see things that many foreigners might just ignore.

Disha is a local Mumbaikar who writes about things she observes and likes around her. It is not about life in Mumbai, but as it is written by a local, I do find it interesting. The blog has been on for quite a few years, which off course also make it more interesting.

If there are any particular blogs I have forgotten, please notify me, and I will surely do my best to add it here.

Talk to you soon!



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