Happy Birthday blog

Hi Everyone
Today it is one year since I created my first ever blog post and told everyone that I was about to move to India! I have already summed up the year in a previous blog post. When I started to blog, my plan was to have a connection with family and friends, mostly back in Norway, but also other places. I think that things haven’t really been like that. Off course some friends and family have read it and given me some nice feedback, but mostly it has been other people who have read it.

If everything goes according to the plan, I will return to India in about a week or so. And yes, I will continue to write a blog. Due to the fact that it is other people who read the blog then what I expected, I have decided to do some changes. In order to celebrate one year, I have changed the background on the site today. It has been quite interesting to look at the stats and see how people have accessed the blog. Quite a few have found it through searches, and phrases like “crocodile Powai” and “train Mumbai” have been repeated quite a few times. People have not really been looking for the newest posts. You can see that I have also added a section called “Category” at the right hand side of the page. Here I have grouped the blog posts into different categories. This is done so that it should be easier for everyone to find exactly what they are looking for without having to scroll through all pages on the blog.

On the content side, let’s see what changes will be there. I have got quite a few questions regarding how it is to live in Mumbai and about formalities and such. Probably I will try to add more information about these themes. But I still don’t plan to be a travel agent or a consular for India, so people will still have to look at other places for that kind of information… I will try to make more posts in the categories “Hints for living in India” and “Business” and maybe less of my experiences in India. Also I will try to use stuff like Twitter and maybe also Facebook more actively to make smaller updates, instead of writing small posts for everything I see and do in India.

Also, I will try to get some “guest writers” to add a few posts here from time to time. Exactly who, how often and how many I don’t know yet. If you are interested in contributing, I’m more than happy to hear from you!
So happy birthday blog! Hope it will be many more years.

Talk to you soon!



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