How to get an employment visa to India

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If you ever plan to go to India, there are quite a few different types of visas to choose from. At least for Norwegian citizens. In this post I will take you through the process of getting a visa, or more precise, to get an employment visa

The most common visa in India is probably a tourist visa. This can be valid for 6 months, and there are no special requirements to get it. If you plan to travel multiple times to India, you probably should have a business visa. But in order to get such a visa, you will need an invitation letter from the company you will be visiting.

In order to stay in India to work for a company there for a longer duration you will need a business visa. To get this there are quite a few requirements. One important requirement, which actually does not have anything to do with the Visa, is that you as a foreigner have to earn at least 11 lakhs (which is 1,1 million rupees). This in order to prevent foreigners for taking jobs from Indians. Most Norwegians will normally have a higher salary than this, but this is something to be aware of.

For the Visa as such, there are also quite a few requirements. Most important is probably that the Embassy wants a copy of your employment contract. This means that you actually have to be employed by the Indian company before you even apply for your Visa. One of my friends was in India with his wife on a tourist visa or so. When he got a job, he had to go back to his home country, with the contract and then get the employment visa from there.

You will also need some document from the Indian company (visa support letter) that shows that the company actually operates in India. And if the situation is like it is for me, that you are actually seconded from a foreign company, you will also need a visa support letter from your foreign company. As I think it would be quite common for foreigners to be seconded, this information is important. I was also asked to provide a contract between the Indian and the foreign company.

As I have been in India before, I also have documents like a PAN card and other documents, so I made a copy of that and had it with me to the Embassy. As most people who apply for a Visa to India will be first-time applicants, they will not have that kind of information. When I asked if this document is really needed, the feedback was that the more documents I have the better… It sounds strange to me, but I got my Visa very quickly, so no reason to complain.

A full list of required documents for Norwegians can be found here.

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