Terror bomb attack in Oslo Norway

Hi Everyone

Yesterday I prepared a post for the blog to be posted today. The situation in Oslo makes it just impossible to write that article. Instead I will try to give a small write-up about what happened and how it might relate to Norway and India.

I will not speculate too much in things that are not confirmed. That is up to the media to do. But what is confirmed is the following: There were two incidents in Oslo yesterday. One or more bombs exploded in the parliament building. That one killed at least 7 people. There was also shooting at a youth camp for the labor party. A person dressed as a police officer opened fire against the youths. At this shooting at least 84 people are killed. Both these figures are confirmed by the police, but they also say that it might be more casualties at both places. A 32 year old native Norwegian is in the police custody and charged for both incidents.

So how can we relate this to Norway and India? First of all, I think it is clear that when something like this happen, it is a global incident, no matter where or who is behind it. The first person who told me about this was my sister, who lives in a small town in Norway. The second one was a Polish colleague! He was watching the news on Polish television. I spent some time yesterday helping Indian colleagues in Norway getting home. It was a strange feeling to help some Mumbaikars in safety in Norway, just a few weeks after what happened in Mumbai. At that time it was me calling friends and colleagues in Mumbai. This time I’m the one who have got a lot of worrying messages from friends all over the world. I would like to thank everyone in India, Europe and USA who have been in touch!

It was, I don’t know if I should use the word interesting, but it is probably the most correct one, to see news on international TV-channels yesterday. “Experts” on BBC and CNN said that this looked like a “trademark” Al-Qaida attack.. Well. It is probably too early to say that they were not involved, but as of now, it is nothing that indicates that. I think some of the same happened in Mumbai when the attack was there. Very soon, people started to point to Pakistan. I’m not sure if it is really concluded who was behind the attack in Mumbai, but I think that it seems like even there it was local people behind it.

To sum it up: everywhere in the world we have people who will be “the enemy from inside”. These are people who disagree with how the state and society works and acts. It can happen everywhere at anytime. And it is probably the most difficult enemy to defend against…

Churches all over Oslo will be open today, so I will probably head there quite soon. Maybe I will even manage to update the blog with some pictures from the area. In the meantime I hope that all of you, independent of religion, join me in the prayers.

It is a sad day today…

Talk to you soon!



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