A view from the terrace…

Hi Everyone

Yesterday I moved, or as we say in India, shifted, into a new flat. This flat is located in Lake Homes, which is supposed to be one of the better places in the Powai area. It’s in the top (21st floor), and all together quite nice. I was actually quite lucky in the first place to get this, as there are some friends of me who currently stay there. They will be moving, sorry, shifting, to Pune soon, and that’s how the flat became available.

When you first spend your first night in a new place, you are always a bit uncertain about how it will be. Is it as good as expected? I think it’s a bit noisier than in my old place. And the mattress is certainly harder. But that is off course something that can be arranged. Actually, I bought a special good mattress for the old flat, so maybe I have to do something of the same here.

One of my friends in Norway said, I think as a joke, that he will come to visit me if I actually manage to get a penthouse flat in Mumbai. So this morning I went up and took some pictures from the bedroom balcony. Yes, the flat have separate balconies for the bedroom and the living room… So this is how the view from actually two of the bedrooms is.

On the first picture you can see down the Chandivali Farm Road. On the right hand side there is some quite nice green area, and a complex called Raheja Vihar. This is another of the nice townships in the Powai area. On the left hand side of the street you can see Boomerang, which is one of bigger commercial buildings in Mumbai. According to rumors, they even have a running track on the roof! Further in the background you can see Andheri and the western suburbs of Mumbai. Not really sure, but it might be that you can one of the luxury hotels at Juhu beach at the upper right of the picture.

The second picture shows the building further to the south. In the foreground there are some shanty townships. I think that is the place called Saki Naka. According to one of my colleagues there are a lot of illegal buildings and business going on there. Just in front of the yellow buildings you can see the metro. This is something that really can reduce the traffic in Mumbai, but so far it seems like a long time until it will be completed. The work is progressing quite slowly. Let’s hope it can be speeded up, as that will really help a lot of people here! At the background you can see the airport! There are a few planes parked that you can see.

As you can see in this last picture, I can actually sit on my balcony and observe when the flights are coming for landing. How cool isn’t that? When someone come visiting from abroad, I can actually sit on my own balcony and see them even before they arrive.

Tomorrow I will take you through the view from the other balcony I think…

Talk to you soon!



2 thoughts on “A view from the terrace…

  1. Where’s your companion..that li’l old ‘snake’ Karsten..:-)…while you are busy observing outer view, probably that fellow is hiding behind the bathroom wall !!!…anyway not sure if you remember the ‘snake’ thing from your old house in Powai.. Congrats on being privileged to get such a nice view in Mumbai !!

    • Hi Sarang. Thanks a lot for mentioning the snake. I have ABSOLUTELY not forgotten about it! And I can promisse that I do plan to have at least one snake also in the new flat soon 🙂



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