The diversity in Powai, as seen from my balcony

Hi Everyone

Yesterday I wrote an article where I described the view from my “bedroom balcony”. Today I will take you through what I see from my living room. In some way, the view from here is must better than from the bedroom, but it also clearly shows the diversity that is to see everywhere in Mumbai. Just in front of my building is the lake that has given the name to Lake Homes. Quite a few people objects and say that this is nothing more than a stinky pond. And well, to some extend I think I can agree. However, now during the rainy season it is quite nice there.

At the right hand side of the picture you can see Lake Superior.This is probably the most famous building in Lake Homes, and surely the most posh one. In Lake Superior you can drive in at the ground floor, sit in your car and take the elevator all the way to your flat. Yes, I’m not kidding. You take the car with you in the elevator. Not sure how it works I don’t know, but you can be sure that I will try to get over there at sometime and try to find out. Rumors says that Priyanka Chopra, one of the absolute most famous actress in Bollywood have bought a flat there. Maybe she like Norwegian salmon and that I should invite her over someday soon?

Next to Lake Homes you can see the much bigger and nicer Powai lake. Yes. That’s the one where the crocodile lives. There is a quite heavy trafficked road between Lake Homes and the lake, but luckily that is hidden behind the trees and the buildings. Just behind the lake you can see IIT Mumbai, the IT-university. Further to the left you can see the five star hotel Renaissance. Behind the hotel and IIT you can see the next lake, Lake Vihar. And behind that lake is the national park. Not a bad sight to be in Mumbai, is it?

But, and I think there are almost always a but in Mumbai. If you look at the bottom left corner of the picture you can see something that look like a rubbish heap. And it is rightly so. This rubbish all comes from the houses seen on the picture below. Maybe not really a slum, but surely a shanty town. And it is just below my balcony! If you look closely at that picture you will see a fence in the bottom right corner. This is what that distinguish my building from this shanty town. At the bottom left corner you can see the place where this town has their water reservoir. Here they wash their clothes and do clean themselves. On the other side of the street, which is not visible here, there is even a mosque. And yes. They do have prayers very early in the morning.

The picture below shows how close the shanty town actually is to Lake Superior.


While the last picture shows the road to the two bigger lakes and also more details of the lakes, the hotel, IIT and the area below.

Talk to you soon!



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