Rally for Anna in Mumbai

Hi Everyone

You thought that the protests against the bill was settled when Anna Hazare got released from prison? Not really so. There were a lot of protests all over India. Even in Mumbai people got together yesterday to protest.

It all started a few days ago when some people got together to plan how to protest. They were inspired with what happened in Egypt some months back and wanted to do the same here. With the only difference that this should be a peaceful march. So they all started to send SMS to friends to get them to join. The plan was to march from Bandra and on to Juhu Circle, which is one of the busier neighborhoods in the western suburbs. And actually, the protesters even asked the police for permission o do this. They asked for permission to have a demonstration with about 5000 people.

It was a challenge no doubt, to bring Mumbaikars out of their homes during a festive weekend. But the youngsters were up for the challenge. From the large database of more than 100.000 people, they sent out an emotionally charged message, urging people to match Anna’s six-day fast with a six-hour rally.

The members also met the priests from various churches, and requested them to spread the message. Elsewhere, Muslim volunteers put the word out in their community. And members put in all their efforts to engage residents associations across the suburbs. The strategy worked.

At 7.35 pm, the rally reached Juhu Circle, and over the next couple of hours, the junction was completely clogged, as the chanting and sloganeering reached its peak.

I must admit that I was not even aware about this march at all. Yesterday evening I switched between a Hindi movie and cricket on my TV. There are actually too many news channels in too many languages, so I do struggle a bit to find the right one to watch. There are some funny folks who says that even the Indian cricket team have join the demonstration, as the “refuse to play” against England. Well, the match is on, but India is being beaten, or maybe I should rather say trashed, by England. Maybe in order to support Anna? I think I should try to watch the news instead of cricket today.

Talk to you soon!



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