Govinda, or Lord Krishna’s birthday

Hi Everyone

The festival season is absolutely on in India now! Yesterday it was Govinda, which is the birthday of Lord Krishna. Krishna is one of the most important Goods in the Hindu religion, and an avatar of Vishnu. Most often he is displayed as a blue good, playing on his flute.

One of the most interesting ways of celebrating this day, at least for spectators, is to see the human pyramids that people perform at different places in Mumbai. It is actually competitions, where the best pyramids can get a lot of money for their performance. I did some research yesterday and colleagues told me that I should go to a place called Tembhi Naka in Thane, where I could see the best pyramids. With a car and a GPS, getting around in Mumbai has been extremely much easier. I think I drove wrong only once or twice. When I got close to the area, I just started to follow a lorry with a lot of people who seemed to plan to perform. When they disembarked the car, I just decided to find a place to park and try to find the spot. The good thing with the festivals in India is that it is so many people around, so that it is never difficult to find the correct place to be. I just followed the crowd, and soon we came into some kind of a stadium. I actually think it was a school place. There it was full of people! But like every place in India, it is always room for one more. I just followed the crowd, and suddenly I was very close to the center.

Just in front of me, a group of some 20 or more people started to build the human pyramid. Unfortunately, it was not that easy to make pictures, so I’m sorry that they are all a bit blur. But it was absolutely amazing to watch! Rumors said that it is supposed to be a Spanish team that should take part in the even at a place close to where I was. Honestly, I think it was the Spanish team I could see. They build the pyramid twice. The second time, they made it like two pyramids, which displayed the Spanish and Indian flag respectively.

Exactly why the pyramids are made as part of the celebration, I must admit that I don’t know. If anyone can update me on this, I would be more than pleased! But it was surely a nice start to the festival season!

Talk to you soon!



One thought on “Govinda, or Lord Krishna’s birthday

  1. Hi Karsten,

    Lord Krishna is reputed for his colorful, mischevious and playful nature. So Dahi handi is a part of his playful nature of breaking in to the handi’s to eat curd and yogurt 🙂



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