Running for a cause

Hi Everyone

Now it seems to be official. I will run my first ever marathon. In Mumbai. Representing Capgemini and our NGO WeKare.

So you think I have been crazy now? Well maybe sort of I have. But off course, this is India, so there are some grey areas here…

But fact is; I will be running Mumbai Marathon at the 15th of January. Still a long time to go, so I guess I have time to work on my shape and really get ready for this. And it is also really an incitement for doing some serious workout.

Mumbai Marathon is more than just a run. It is also very much about charity. In order to be allowed to run, I have pledged that I will raise at least INR 5000 (which is less than NOK 700 with the current exchange rate). WeKare have chosen four different NGOs that people will support. I will be running for an organization called Rang De. They work with micro finance projects in rural India. I think that this is a really fantastic initiative, and are more than happy to help.

And; I would really like to challenge you, all my readers. Would you like to join me in order to raise money for Rang De? I do have bank accounts in India and Norway, so donations in these countries should be very easy. Hopefully I will be able to use some friends in countries like USA, UK, Poland, Sweden and other countries also. So if you live in some other country and like to donate, I’m sure that can be arranged. A small donation of INR 500 or NOK 100 will be more than welcome. I will try to create some kind of “wall” where everyone who donates can get their name, if they are interested.

I do also have some other ideas on how I can raise money, and will come back to this as soon as the ideas are put into practice.

Talk to you soon!



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