Anna Hazare movement reaches Powai

Hi Everyone

So far, my articles about Anna Hazare have all been based on what I have seen on TV, in newspapers and on Internet. Not so anymore. Yesterday, just after having arrived home from office, I could hear some noise from downstairs. It was not the usual dogs or cars honking, it was people shouting and screaming. I ran to the window to see what it was, and quite right, it was a protest march in support for Ana Hazare. Just outside my building.

The police were all around there, and as far as I could understand, the march was quite peaceful. I have checked the news today, and cannot find any information about arrests, unrest or other bad things from Powai. The people marching even called for it to be a peace march. You can read more about the march on Powai.Info.  There is a bigger march planned for today, where people should go all the way from Powai to Bandra Kurla Complex. There is also a story about all of this in Mumbai Mirror today.

The latest from Delhi is now that the negotiations between the government and Team Anna on the Lokpal Bill broke down on Wednesday night with the latter describing the third round of talks as “retrograde.” They said social activist Anna Hazare’s fast on the Ramlila grounds here — now in its ninth day — would continue until the government agreed to enact a law creating a strong and effective Lokpal during the current session of Parliament.

I think that this is a quite serious and dramatic twist. We will probably see a lot more of protests coming up all over India over the next few days if this is really the case. Will keep you all updated on this.

Talk to you soon!



3 thoughts on “Anna Hazare movement reaches Powai

  1. Drink this poison [ on 10th Day of fast ]

    When Gandhiji was leaving for London to attend the last-ditch “ Round-Table Conference “ to demand India’s independence from Britain, poet Meghani wrote to Mahatmaji :

    “ Even as you know the futility of your mission

    O Bapu

    Drink this last cup of hemlock ( poison ).

    You , who have drank oceans of poison served by the British,

    Do not throw away this spoonful “

    ( free translation from original Gujarati poem )

    Poor people of India are telling Anna Hazare , on the 10th day of his fast :

    Even if your talks fail

    Even if your mission seems doomed

    Do not shrink

    Do not despair.

    To save millions dying from hunger,

    Like Neelkantha of old

    Drink the poison that the Government

    Will, no doubt , serve to you.

    [ Adding, what Gurudev Tagore sang:]

    Even if no one hears your call

    Even if no one joins your march thru the dark night

    Keep going alone.

    With regards

    Hemen Parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

  2. What is the victory for.? Is India free from corruption from Tomorrow Why all these gimicks. It is only taking advantage of the very sensitive issue coruption before innocent mass. Since almostr all are affeted by this corruption all wanted to support without knowing what will be the result and outcome. It is mere waste of time


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