Ganesh Chauthri

Hi Everyone

Like I told you in yesterday’s blog, that was the first day of the Ganesh Chauthri festival. Yesterday was the day when people brought the idols back to their homes for worshipping.

I was fortunate enough to be invited home to one of my colleagues and his family (thank you Ashutosh!). Here there were four generations together in one house, and two Norwegian visitors. This was really nice, and the first time ever I have taken part in such a ceremony in an Indian home. We performed the darshan ritual in from of a Ganesha idol. Off course I didn’t really understood much about what was said in Sanskrit, but it was really nice and touching. After the worshiping we had some Indian dinner and snacks. My colleague was quick to point out that this is a very joyful festival, so a snack is an important part of it. And it was really tasty.

After the meal we went outside and had a look of other idols around the Malad area. At one place they had build something that seemed like a huge cave! Everything I think was made of pasteboard, and it was really, really huge. Inside this cave there were a lot of different idols that all represented different Hinduism Gods. At the inner room it was a giant Ganesh idol.

I remember from last year that there was a lot of traffic jam all over the place when people took the idols home. This year it seemed to be a bit less. Some of my friends told me that due to environmental concerns people have made fewer idols this year. Previous years there have been some issues and discussions regarding the plasterboard pollute the seas when the idols are immersed. So from an environmental point of view I off course hope that it is fewer, but off course I still hope that there are enough so that we can see some nice immersion.

Will surely keep you updated on my experiences during this lovely festival.

Talk to you soon!



One thought on “Ganesh Chauthri

  1. I wish we Norwegians showed similar warmth and opened ourselves and our homes to other cultures without skepticism. Someday…someday


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