Housewarming party

Hi Everyone

This Friday it was finally time to have a housewarming party! As the people who have rented the flat before are very good friends of me, we decided that we could have a
combined goodbye and housewarming party. In addition, one of the previous flat
renters, and even one of her friends have just had birthday, so well, even one
more reason to celebrate…

The party was just such a fantastic success! Last year, we were about 4 people totally at my housewarming party. This year, we were people from four different
continents! It was really nice to see how well a mixed bunch of people came
along. If I remember correct, the last person fell asleep at 9. Meaning  9 am Saturday morning, not really 9 Friday evening. And I think the last guest left the house around 4.30 pm on Saturday. Just in time for us to go to the Swedish crayfish party! It’s quite interesting that I have got some many different friends from all different parts of the
world during this year in Mumbai. I don’t really feel that I “just” live in
India. I feel that I really live in a global world!

At the picture you can see friends from UK, Norway, Australia, USA and Gujarat. Well,
the Gujarati is actually also British, but as there is another Brit in the picture, I count her as a Gujarati…

So yesterday was a day for relaxing… Today a colleague from Norway has just arrived,
so some nice dinner with him is at the agenda. And it’s also the first day of the T20 cricket champions league today. Go CSK!

Talk to you soon!



One thought on “Housewarming party

  1. Thanks for the Invite .. It was a pleasure as my friend fm Italy n me Fm Brazil n Bengal loved it …
    The ushering of the ‘dual’ Birthday was also a highlight of the housewarming and farewell party …………
    Meeting different people fm various Nationalities n walks of life in Bombay is a amazing feeling to interact in several issues …
    Spirits were high n talks were lively ..
    The Gujju Bro fm UK managed to surpass all !!
    The one who fell asleep @ 9am had a tough time in conducting n performing @ the Bombay Art Walk later in d afternoon. Thanks to all the friendly moral support that it went off smoothly !! Thats what life had for all of us on a lovely Fri eve n a fab Sat Aft and Later a grand Swedish eve !! Bueno Siempre !!


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