Auto drivers on strike!

Hi Everyone

Yesterday I was to catch up with a colleague to go to Navi Mumbai. I decided that I should take the auto, rather than go by car, as we planned to go for dinner after.
Only then, it became clear to me that the auto drivers were on strike!

What get auto drivers to launch a strike, you might ask? Well, it turns out that the
police have run some campaign against fake meters. Isn’t that insane! You got
caught with tampered meters and then you go to strike! I mean, what about just
putting your hand in the air and say, “well, sorry, we’re cheating…” No. That’s
not the way the auto drivers in Mumbai do it. If I don’t remember completely
, there was even a strike last year.

Off course things are not really black and white. There are some, well, kind of grey areas here. The reason why the drivers are tempering their meters, they say, is due
to the hike of petrol prices. And it is true that the price of petrol have
increased a lot lately. A friend of me posted on his Facebook wall some time
back “Petrol is now more expensive than beer! Walk to the pub and have a party!”.
So you can off course understand the auto drivers. They have to do something. Otherwise they will get a deduction of their income. But to start to tamper their meters? Not reallysure if that is the way to go here…

My suggestion is quite simple. Today the auto drivers have a conversion chart in
their autos. This means that whatever is the price according to the meter is compared
with the chart, and by then you got the correct price. When the government
increases the price on petrol, why can’t they just give all the auto drives a
new conversion chart? This will off course put the burden of the increased
prices down to us, the users of autos. Or, as I have started to drive in car, I
might should say that it will be paid by those who have too use the autos. But
I still think it is much better to share the burden, then to have the auto
drivers to pay for the whole increase!

Latest today is the police have found a shop where rigged meters have been put in order to be “de rigged”. Where that shop is?  In Saka Naka. Where my home last year was? Well, quite close to Saka Naka. One of my colleagues told me that there were quite some illegal business going on there, and it turns out that she might be right on that.

You might think that there would be less traffic at the road due to the strike. But this
morning on the way to office, I came across a bunch of auto drivers who just drove up and down the street and almost blocked it completely. Hopefully this whole strike will be sorted out quickly, so that things can come back to normal

Talk to you soon!



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