Art in Mumbai

Hi Everyone

During my first year in Mumbai, I learned a lot, and watched a lot of different things. One thing that I must admit that I hardly ever noticed was art. Well, to be honest, I have hardly ever been a huge fan of art. That being neither paintings, music, movies or other things. Maybe with the exception of books

So when I first took a deep dive into the world of art in Mumbai, it was maybe just about right that I found a place where there were all kinds of art at one place! Last Saturday I went with some friends to gallery Art & Soul in Worli. Actually, I have been there even two times this week! First on Wednesday when the Italian artist Shola Carletti opened her new exhibition, and then even on Saturday, when there were a mix of performances there.

On Saturday, the same exhibition was still on. But in addition it was song by the highly innovative, multi-lingual, multi-cultural personality and  Grassroot Grammy Award Nominee , Brazilian Indi singer, composer n Flamenco Dancer  Carlyta Mohini, whose Bollywood hits Le Le Maza Le  won the coveted NBC award. I think that this must go down as my first ever real meeting with Bollywood!

There were also two short films shown there. The first one; SMS, which is about how far someone will go to help somebody who’s only identity is the number on your mobile phone…? I really liked this one, as it is says a lot about the world we live in today. The second film Baiano, was a tale of two friends, told in true Italian style.

Also present were a famous photographer, Zakia Shakir, who told about her project. Over a period of two to three years she had set out to photograph 50 of the most inspiring men in the world! Zakia told us that she followed her heart in order to achieve all of this. The whole exhibition was presented by the editor of the Hello magazine.

Seeing all of this in one day off course gave me some reflections. I think that art is not really the first word that comes into anyone’s mind when you say “India” or “Mumbai”. Surely, most people, or well, at least quite a few people, know about Bollywood. But I think that’s also about everything that people know about the Indian art. If lucky, they maybe know a little bit about historical art in India. But if you think about it, it’s maybe not that strange that there is quite some artistic society in Mumbai. Indians are really keen in expressing themselves through dance and music. So why shouldn’t it be a quite active artistic society in a city like this?

For me, this was just a quick introduction to that society. Unfortunately we had to leave early in order to catch the Swedish crayfish party. But, well, I have surely explored something new this weekend, and is eager to learn more!

Talk to you soon!



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