Chor Bazar

Hi Everyone

Yesterday it was time to have a look at a place in Mumbai I have never been to before, namely the Chor Bazar. In English Chor Bazar means “Thieves Market”. No one is really sure of from where it got its name. Rumors say that upon arrival in Mumbai,
Queen Victoria discovered that her violin, purse and jewelers were missing. They were later found at this market…  Before going there, I got plenty of warnings. Don’t bring your car. Don’t bring your phone. Dress as casual as possible. Well, I must admit that I’m not too good to take those advices, so I drove over there and also had my phone, so that I could use my GPS and actually find my way.

But I did one think that hopefully helped me to stand out a bit from the tourists who were there. I got an Indian friend to join me. She was off course able to speak the local language and also a master of bargain! Both of us were looking for some furniture’s, and that’s surely one thing they have plenty of at Chor Bazar! We roamed from stall to stall to find the right things. She found a lot, and I did fount some chairs that hopefully will fit very well at my balcony. The salesperson insisted that he should polish them and make them look a bit nicer, so I couldn’t get them with me.

So what place is Chor Bazar then? It is mostly a place where you can find a lot of
second hand items. I use the word item here, as I don’t really know what other word to use. In the first area there sold a lot of spare parts to the car. If something breaks down, you could surely find a replacement at this market. I joked with my friend and said that if we couldn’t find the car on our way home, it would probably be found in pieces at the market… Luckily that did not happen. But I don’t think that car parts are what this area is most famous for right now. It is more antiques and furniture’s. And it was really a plenty of it! Some of the items I must admit that I don’t know how someone could manage to make! And even more, I can’t understand how someone initially could have bought some of this. But well, everyone have their different taste. And I must quickly say that some of the items they had there were quite interesting. If you like some old furniture’s, or some, well, items, than Chor Bazar is surely the place
to go. According to the guidebook it is the place to go if you like to find really cheap things. If that’s the case, I’m not really sure. Maybe it was just my lack of bargain skill that made it difficult to get the real bargains. Or maybe my skin color made it different.

All in all Chor Bazar was an interesting place to see. And if I need some more furniture’s, I would absolutely not have any problems to go back there to have a look.

Talk to you soon!



One thought on “Chor Bazar

  1. Good One!

    Actually Chor Bazaaar makes for a interesting journey into the middle of Second Hand Market.

    Unfortunately, the vendors have realised the value of most of the items they are selling (which was not the case some years back) …

    As they say, with knowledge comes Power! 😉 The Power to sell at rates which dont seem cheap!

    Next time, one virgin place in India for Second Hand Stuff is a place called ‘ALANG’ in Gujarat… Make sure to visit the place in your trip to India!

    It is the world’s largest ship breaking place and a place to buy cheap stuff retrieved from Ships..

    I was there last week and trust me, that place is a feast for any shopping revelers!

    Cheers Mate! Keep writing..



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