Shipping fair in Mumbai

Hi Everyone

Last week there was a huge shipping fair in Mumbai. As some of you probably know, Norway is one of the biggest shipping nations in the world. So present at this fair was more than 40 Norwegian companies! It’s fair to say that I have never seen that many Norwegians in Mumbai at once before.

Last Wednesday, the Embassy of Norway hosted a dinner for Norwegians at Taj hotel. Present there were a mix of Norwegians coming from the fair, Norwegians living in India and Indians who’re doing business in the shipping area. India and Norway signed an agreement for collaboration in shipping as late as May this year (sorry, but I was not able to find information about that agreement on-line). It is also planned a new session in February next year; where the two countries will work on strengthen their relationship in shipping. To me, this seems like a very good business opportunity for both nations. Norway off course has a long tradition in shipping. India at the other hand does have a lot of shipyards and are seeking to increase their presence in the global shipping business. The Norwegian expertise and Indian workforce should bond for a really good relationship here. Due to other office work, I was not able to attend the fair as such, but based on what happened that first evening, I’m quite sure that the foundation for the relationship was set and that everyone presen there got to meet a lot of new people and managed to work on their relations.

I’m looking forward to meet more Norwegians in Mumbai in February, when there is a new fair planned. Hopefully most of the people who were present last week will also be
there next time, and many more should surely also join.

Talk to you soon!



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