Trip to Kaas Plateau

Hi Everyone

Last weekend was kind of a marathon weekend in Mumbai. Not the real Mumbai Marathon, that will come later, but a marathon in terms of doing things. After the Chetan Bhagat launch on Friday, I spent most of the Saturday roaming around in one of the nice beached in Juhu. A colleague of me had suggested that we should go to
a place called Kaas on Sunday, to see the flowers there. As you probably know, Mumbai have two quite distinct seasons. It is the (very) wet monsoon and the dry season. Just after the monsoon, the flowers are really beautiful!

So late Saturday night we boarded a bus from Mumbai in order to get to Kaas. The bus
took us through the landscape north of Mumbai during the night. Very early next morning we came to a small city where we had to change the bus. From there it was a quick trip to the plateau where all the flowers are. The bus driver we had on that trip seemed to pretend that he was driving a formula 1 car and not a bus! He was driving completely like crazy! At one point of time he even passed another bus. This was a very narrow street and the other bus really had to pull into the ditch in order to give space for us.

We were at the plateau around 6 am in the morning. The sun was just about to rise in the horizon when we arrived. With us we had two flower lowers, who really tried to
take pictures of absolutely every flower at the plateau.

You can see from the picture I made of them how they worked. I didn’t know it was possible to be that passionate about flowers. But it was really nice, as it gave the rest of us an opportunity to walk around a lot there.

After having walked around for some time watching flowers we went down to a huge lake where we had our lunch. This was another nice area, and a really, really,
peaceful place. It almost reminded me a bit about Norway. We had our breakfast/lunch at that place. After having been non-stop in Mumbai for quite some time now, this was really fantastic. Fresh air. Fresh water. Animals walking around in the fields. What more can you dream about?

Even with a really long bus trip back it was worth it! You can read more about this place at this blog.

Talk to you soon!



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