Diwali celebration

Hi Everyone

We are now just done with the Diwali festival for this year. Last year I did wrote a few posts about this biggest of all festivals in India. Well, at least the one I feel is the biggest one. This year we celebrated the Diwali at my home. My Norwegian neighbor have written a quite nice article about her Diwali experience, so I just put a link to that one instead of making a separate article.

For the about one week I have had a Norwegian student visiting Mumbai. She writes her master thesis about teams working in Norway and India. Yesterday I showed her and my neighbor around in Mumbai. We did the “usual stuff”, like taking train, seeing Gateway of India, Café Leopold and such. Just before sunset we went to the rooftop restaurant/lounge at hotel Intercontinental. Just fantastic! Seeing the sun going down from there must be some of the nicest things to do in Mumbai.

And finally, I would like to thank John Terry & Robin Van Persie to join in the Diwali celebration :-). And well, I guess I should even thank Brann for making sure that Molde football Club, my hometown club, is Norwegian chapmions for the first time in history. Well done to the lads there.

Talk to you soon!



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