Tiger! Tiger!

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There have been quite a few blog posts where I have written about animals. First I wrote about the different animals in Mumbai, and off course it is the post about crocodiles in Powai lake, which is still the one post that appears most often in searches. But when I moved to India I did never thought that I should write a blog post about me spotting wild tigers. But well, now it is time for such a post.

This weekend I have been in Pench national park, which is basically in the middle of India. We arrived there Saturday morning, and stayed until yesterday (which was a public holiday in India). During that stay we had a number of trips into the forest and spotted a number of animals. I travelled in a group of five people, and some of them were really experts in Indian wildlife and had been to a number of safaris before. That made the whole trip so very much better, and I owe you a huge thank for that! But well, this post is to be about tigers, so I better stick to that.

On Saturday we started out early in the morning, just after dawn. We did travel around in the park for quite some time, but without any sight of the tigers. Then our guide told us that some of the foresters had spotted a few tigers eating on a kill! If we wanted, we could take a trip on an elephant and have a look on that. If we wanted? Off course we wanted to do that. So we were taken to a specific area of the park. Here we had to park our jeep and move on to an elephant. Honestly, this was the first time ever that I have been on an elephant, so even that was something new to me. The elephant took us maybe about 100 meters and so. There the driver pointed down in the bushes. There just next to the feet of the elephant a tiger was sleeping, or at least it looked like it was sleeping. And you be sure, I didn’t really wanted to try to do anything that could wake it up.

The elephant driver also pointed out two other tigers. One of them was sleeping in the bushes a bit ahead. I couldn’t really see that one, and barely managed to get a picture of it. But the other one… It was eating on a kill! You can see it at the picture below. I know the picture is not that very clear, but well, tigers like to hide, so it is not really easy to get some good pictures of them. But the red part of the picture is surely the animal it is eating on. And you can clearly see the left ear of the tiger and some of its head and back. This was to me a really big moment, and I must admit that even if I was on the top of a very huge elephant, I was almost, or honestly, really, a bit scared. But what a view! Some of the others had been to a number of tiger safaris before and never really spotted a tiger. And here I was, on my first ever safari, and actually
spotted three of them

I will update the blog with a post about more of the wildlife in the national park later. Hopefully also with some better pictures.

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3 thoughts on “Tiger! Tiger!

  1. Hi Karsten,

    It has been a pleasure reading your numerous blogs, from festivals, to country differences, to food and animals. 🙂

    I do not share your interest in sailing and badminton. However, I look forward to meeting you for something else. Right now, I am planning to attend the cultural programmes on the Bandra seashore on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

    InterNations Mumbai


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