Hi Everyone

After having been almost one and a half year in India, I finally went to the place that most people probably think about when they hear the word India. Well, maybe Taj Mahal and Agra is above it on the list, but I think Goa is still one of the places that most people do think about when they get to hear about India.

Totally we were 6 people who went there. A friend from America went down on Wednesday (through a “quick” detour to Mangalore in Karnataka). My Norwegian neighbors flew down early on Friday and two more friends came with overnight bus from Pune and arrived early Saturday morning. Myself I had a late evening flight from Mumbai.

Goa is surely something quite different from Mumbai! My Norwegian neighbor asked if this is actually the same country or if we would have to exchange money. That says a lot about the big differences there is here! When I arrived, I had to take a taxi from the airport to my hotel. According to my friends who arrived earlier, the hotel was just behind the bar where they were placed. So instead of checking in at the hotel, I decided to go directly to the bar. Nice move. We enjoyed the evening/night at the bar. Since I had been at office 8 am that morning, I decided to go to bed not too late. Or, well, I mean. You know, what I mean, don’t you? But well, anyway, when our friends from Pune knocked on our door around 10 am the day after I was more than ready for the beach! The best way to get around in Goa is to use a scooter. Everyone uses them. The roads are quite narrow, so scooter is a much better option than a car.

We went directly to the beach, and what a nice beach it was! For someone who is basically brought up next to the sea (my house is just behind the trees at the upper right part of the picture) being at a beach is really nice. Most of the Saturday we spent more on less in or around the water. The water temperature was absolutely ok, so swimming was really good. Lunch was at one of the small restaurants next to the beach. English fish and chips. Maybe not really an Indian lunch, but well. Sometimes you like to have something that reminds you of home also.

After lunch we get to talk with some of the kids who were selling stuff at the beach. I can easily admit that we were not their best customers. But when they observed or beach tennis equipment they got very eager to try it out. And if you can bring some joy to kids by simply allowing them to play some beach tennis, then why not? So we really had some great fun playing with them.




One thing I was told before I went to Goa, and that is that the whole place is now taken over by Russians. I did see some of them, but honestly, they were not as many as I might expect. But their presence was very clear. One funny thing was that on almost every bars and shops the signs were in Hindi and Russian. And some places also in English. It was also possible to buy a lot of winter clothes. That was a bit strange in a place like Goa where you mostly could walk around in t-shirt and shorts the whole day.

On Sunday we roamed around at different parts of Northern Goa. Unfortunately we didn’t have that much time. So I guess I will have to go back there soon to see more. Looking forward to that!

Talk to you soon!


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