Best ever customer service in India!

Hi Everyone

In more than 180 blog posts so far, I think I have never wrote about good customer service in India. At the other hand, I have written a few posts about my frustration about things in India from time to time. Now I think it is time to do it differently!

Right now I’m on a short trip back to Norway. One of my colleagues found out that I would be travelling on Friday just a few hours before the flight left India. She was actually in India a couple of weeks ago herself, and said: “Ohhhh! It’s sooo good that you’re coming here now. Then you can bring a few shirts that I ordered from a tailor in Mumbai!” What she did not tell me was that she had ordered two bags full of shirts and that the shop where she had ordered it from was actually at the other side of Mumbai. And mind you, Mumbai is a big city, so it is not that quickly to get things from one part of the city to the other. As I had a very short stop-over this time, I was very keen in only having hand luggage with me. So honestly, I was not really keen on this thing at all.

Luckily, the shop where she had ordered her clothes from was Raymond, maybe the best tailor in India. And surely the best one in customer service! I made a few phone calls and a few mails and they confirmed that they would try to get it sent to me. Honestly, I really didn’t expect them to be able to deliver it to me in time for me to reach the flight. But they managed! I have no idea about how the driver managed to get from south Mumbai to my office in that short time, but he managed. Most often people who plan to come to my office do struggle a bit with finding it, and they call me when they are 20-30 minutes away or things like this. This time it was really different. A person from the shop called me and said that the driver was looking for me, but couldn’t find me. I then expected him to be at the main street and decided to go outside and start looking for him. But no! When I took the elevator down to the basement, he was actually in the building! We have three different buildings in the same area, so how he managed to find the right one is still a mystique for me.

I must say that this was a really pleasant surprise to me. Quickly and efficient delivery is one thing that I do really appreciate. I have been at Raymond before, and always been treated well there. Will I go there again? Sure!

Talk to you soon!



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