Preparing for a second Christmas in India

Hi Everyone

The Christmas season is just around the corner. With all the festivals we have had here you might wonder if we really have time for another one. Not sure. But well, Christmas is probably the absolutely biggest festival back home in Norway, so I guess it makes sense to celebrate it with style also here in India. Last year we made some ginger bread and actually had a Christmas tree at the office. This year I have some more space at home, so I decided that it was actually time to have a Christmas tree at home! When I plan for something, I usually do it, so yesterday my Norwegian neighbor and I went on and decorated the tree and also prepared the dough for the ginger breads. If everything goes according to the plan, the ginger breads will be made today.

I must admit that there is still something that is missing in order to have the real Christmas feeling. When I was in Norway last week it actually snowed there. But well, as people say here; this is India, so everything can happen. In the shop where we bought the Christmas tree, somewhere between the deodorants and the shampoos they even had a box with snow spray! Off course we had to buy it! I have seen some boxes with ice spray in Norway before (I think) and when you spray your windows it really look like snow or ice. So my expectations to this snow spray were kind of, well, some way high. We took the tree out on the balcony and gave it a try. You might object here and say that it shouldn’t really snow at any balcony in Mumbai. And also that snow should come from above and not from the side. Butt well. Some compromises had to be made. Unfortunately it turned out that the box was just full of some kind of soap water. So when I sprayed the tree it looked like it had a lot of soap foam on it. Or not even a lot, but a little bit. We’re having our Christmas party this Friday, and my hope was that the snow should last all the time to then. It lasted about 10 minutes. So lesson learned. I need more boxes of snow. And I have to spray the tree just seconds before the guests arrive. The winter weather in Mumbai is even more unpredictable than the one currently in Norway.

If anyone reading this is going to take the trip from Norway to Mumbai some time before Friday, please do get me some boxes of real good snow spray from there.

Merry Christmas!

Talk to you soon!



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