Hi everyone

First of all; a really happy new year to all of you! 2011 was the first full year where I spent most of my time in India. It has been a year full of new impressions. I have had some fantastic nice moments in company with good people, and also some really horrible, low moments. I might do a roundup of 2011 sometime soon, but haven’t really decided on that.

The last day of 2011 and the first day of 2012 I spent with some fantastic good friends in Pune. Pune is a neighbor city to Mumbai and barely some 3 hours drive away. It was really nice to get onto the highway and be able to drive in more than 100 m/ph (but don’t tell the police about that). Pune is also the eight largest in India. In some way, it feels like Pune is much bigger than Mumbai. It is surely much more spread out, so to get from one place to another take time, even if this is like a “small city” in Indian terms. The advantage with being a city like this is that it feels nicer than a metro of Mumbai. You don’t have that much 20+ high rise buildings. Most houses are more like 4-6 floors, and it kind of feel like a friendlier place. More like Sweden as my friends said it.

Pune is a quite old city. It has existed as a town since at least 937 AD. It has also served as an important political city. One of the important buildings is the Aga Khan Palace. It was actually the prison of Mahatama Gandhi from 1942 to 1944. Both his wife and secretary actually died at this place, so it is absolutely an important place. Today the palace is a museum and a public park. I spent some time in the museum, and it was interesting to see all the history of this building.

Yesterday we went to see Rajgad Fort, one of the many forts outside Pune. Or maybe I should rather say that we tried to see this fort. We ended up taking the wrong direction and basically had a long drive around in the area. But after a few detours we finally found the fort, and it is surely worth a further visit. That should be for next time I visit Pune.

The first few weeks of 2012 seems to be quite busy. Some Norwegians come over next week. Then it is the Mumbai Marathon. And shortly after that I will be back in Norway for a couple of weeks and hopefully the skiing marathon there. If it just can come some snow in Norway before then… More about all of that in a later post.

Talk to you soon


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