Gearing up for Mumbai Marathon

Hi everyone

Next Sunday it is time for Mumbai Marathon!

Do I look forward to it? Well, kind of. It would be nice to see how it all works. Must admit that I have never been part of any marathon before. Well, except the skiing marathon in Norway off course. But I guess that is quite different. Like cold, not warm. Like snow, not asphalt. Like skiing, not running.

I have been told that the marathon in Mumbai is mostly about charity, not that much about running. But I guess it will still be hard! Unfortunately there are not that many places around where I live that is very well suited for running. We have a small park just outside my building which some people uses for walks and runs. But the laps there are so short that you will almost get a bit dizzy if you run there. And my knees are not that found of running. What I do instead is to do some cycling. Luckily enough, we do have a quite nice gym in my club house, so this is where I prepare for the competition.

I know, I know. The picture is not at all the best, but at least it should prove that I do try to do some workout. In my cricket T-shirt. Hopefully my preparation will be good enough for me to manage to finish the run in a decent way. I do plan to take some pictures during the run and also to do some tracking. Not sure if I will be able to do it live (and not sure if I would like to either). But surely I will publish it here after the run.

Talk to you soon



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