Almost ready for Mumbai Marathon

Hi everyone

Yesterday I got my start number for Mumbai Marathon! If you watch this on TV or in the streets in Mumbai, or wherever you might be, do look out for runner number 50605. 50605! Don’t think I have ever been in any competition with that many people before. One of my colleagues asked me if they start from number 1. I would not be surprised if they actually start from number 1, and if that number is worn by some Bollywood star, or maybe some high level business person who have paid a lot of money to wear it. I actually don’t have any idea at all about how many who will participate in total. It might be many more than 50000.

Another thing we got together with the start number, is what they call a “goodie bag” from the organizers. It was a lot of stuff in it! Some sports bars to eat and some sports drink also. In addition there were some chewing gum (I think) and off course a lot of advertisements. The one thing I could not find in the bag was actually some information about the race. I know that we are supposed to meet up at Oval Maiden, the huge open cricket area, but I have absolutely no idea about when or exactly where the course is. On the web pages I have found a lot of information regarding distribution of these goodie bags, but nothing about the run itself. Hopefully their web page will be updated shortly, so that we can actually find out exactly where and when to start the race. Until now I have also thought that I should run only 5 kilometers. A colleague of me yesterday told me that my group will actually run 7, so even there I’m a bit confused.

Capgemini have provided us with some T-shirt and cap that I think we are supposed to wear during the race. That has given me a slight dilemma. As you can see from the picture below, I have something else that I was planning to have on my head. Off course I have nothing against promoting my company, but well, wouldn’t it be a bit cooler if I wear something typical Norwegian? There will probably not be that many others wearing a Norwegian kind of Viking helmet in the race. What do you think? Any comments/feedback on this is most welcome.

I do also plan to track my run. On my phone I have a GPS system, and tools like Glympse and SportsTracker. Hopefully it should be possible to add this to Facebook or something like that and then people can watch it live from there. But I’m not really an expert on this. Anyone who knows how you can do this? Talk to you soon Karsten


2 thoughts on “Almost ready for Mumbai Marathon

  1. My college hostel girls are going to be singing and cheering you guys on at Vamas on Pedder Road. Good luck!

    also, go with the Norwegian hat thing. It’s pretty cool.


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