Mumbai marathon completed!

Hi everyone

So. Now I have completed my first ever marathon! Or maybe actually my second, if I consider the ski marathon I did in Norway some years back. Let me first of all be very honest and admit that what I did on Sunday was almost as far away from a marathon as it possible could be. Our course was about 7 km (6, 28 if my GPS is correct), and we spent almost one and a half hour on that distance. There were more than 20.000 people in the track, and for us who started a bit late, running was almost impossible.

BUT; and most importantly – it was really fun! And we did it for a very good purpose. There were about 100 people from Capgemini enrolled, and each of us had to contribute with a minimum of INR 5000. The exact amount that we contributed to the NGO’s that we supported is not known to me, but that it was more than half a million rupees is sure. I have been told that we actually have managed to raise more than 800.000 and the final number is still not clear! That is very good I think.

Yesterday I woke up around 5 am. Had to walk some distance to get an auto and took the train from Bandhup to  Mumbai Central station at around 6.30 in the morning. Still too early if you ask me. But I do like to see the sun coming up, and this day was no exception. When we got the whole team together at around 8.30, the sun was up, and it was a really nice morning. Not too hot, but quite nice for sure. When we started to run, sorry walk, it was a bit warmer, but never really anything worrying.

The Dream Run in Mumbai Marathon is very much about charity and fun. All around the track there were spectators and also people doing some kind of performances. Dancers, singers and other artist were presents. I was also told that a number of Bollywood celebrities were around the track. Off course, I didn’t really recognize them, but some of my colleagues did that.

The marathon was really cool, so I do hope that I can do the same next year. As people say that 1 picture say more than 1000 words, I do enclose a few of the pictures I took.


Talk to you soon



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