You are helping underprivileged girls with education!

Hi everyone

Sometimes it is easy to write a blog post. Sometimes it is extremely difficult. Sometimes it can be joyful, while other times it can be tough, and a bit frustration.

This is a post that it was very easy to write. But also a bit teary I must admit. When I moved to India, I had a few things that I wanted to achieve here. One of them was that I wanted to be more involved with Nanhi Kali, a NGO that is supported by Capgemini. When I reached 10.000 hits on this blog, I got an idea. Why not use the blog as a way to support the foundation? I then decided that for each 1000 hit, up to 20.000 I will support one girl child with one year of education! So when you clicked at this post, you’re actually helping in that case! Nanhi Kali supports the children for 10 years of education. So due to this, I have decided that I will do the same. 20 students for 10 years. Not sure if I will ever get 200.000 hits on the blog, but I will surely keep to my word and do this for 10 years! And yes, I do look forward to see how this progresses over the years.

Why do I do something like this? One of my very good friends over her said it in a fantastic nice way. It’s all about giving back to the society she said. I’m not sure if that have always been my main motive. But yes, I do know that I’m extremely privileged. I live where I live and do what I want to do on my own will. If I go hungry to bed any nights, it is just because I have forgotten to eat, and not because I have any lack of food or money. Every day I see people around me who don’t have it the same way. Every day on my way to the office I see an old lady who lives at the street in the worst jammed traffic junction on the way where I passes by. So many times I have wished that I could just sit down and speak with her. But off course I can’t. We wouldn’t understand each other. And some people would maybe even question my motive. Why would I speak to her? By at least giving some money to this foundation I can do my part to help some girl children to not end up in the same situation as this old lady.

Usually I would not ask anyone to promote this blog, but I do think this story is a bit special. If you are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media, I would very much appreciate if you actually share this with all your friends out there.

And for sure, I do will keep this blog updated with more information about this story when it evolves. Nanhi Kali do have some quite clear instructions about what can be shared, and what cannot be shared, so I will surely do everything according to those rules.

Talk to you soon


6 thoughts on “You are helping underprivileged girls with education!

  1. I came across your blog through another ‘expat in india’ blog, and I am impressed with your positive attitude and moved by your compassion. I am currently living in Norway after living in the US for 20 years, and it was interesting to read what you post about your experiences in India. Having left India more than 23 years ago to study in the US, it is nice to see how much positives there are but also see how much things could be improved. Good luck with your life and work in India!

  2. Inspirational work Bro! I came across your blog and I must say I’m feeling your vibe.

    I’m a strong believer that all of the challenges we face as a community/planet are man-made and can be solved by simple strategies.

    We may be able to help me each other. With your local knowledge you may be able to assist as I’m looking for a Business Partner in Mumbai. I am based in London (UK) however I want to expand my e-commerce concept into the Asian Markets. I know the every day guy/girl can benefit massively from this concept (time allocation to project can be flexible).

    Go to my site leave your name & email & I will send you a ‘free report’ with more information.



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