My first Indian wedding

Hi everyone

Yesterday I attended my first ever Indian wedding. And just to be clear, it was not MY wedding, but an Indian wedding. You’re getting me, right?

The bride is the daughter of one of my Norwegian neighbor’s colleagues. This is how I got to know about the wedding and got invited. Both bride and groom are Catholics, so this was not a traditional Hindu wedding. And it also turned out that their actually wedding was in Kerala the week before. But as she is from Mumbai, her parents hosted this reception. And as I have never been to anything like this before, it was a good opportunity to at least get a taste of what an Indian wedding is all about.

We were told that the reception should start at 8 pm, and that it was important that all the guests were there before the couple. In good Norwegian tradition we planned to be there early, and were off course the first to arrive. But we’re not Norwegians for nothing, so we went directly to the bar and got some nice refreshments there while waiting. And in good Indian style, the couple was about one hour or so late, so well, there you go.

After the couple had arrived, they were quickly put up on a stage together with her parents and some of his family members. The master of the ceremony did a quick speech where he introduced the couple, their parents and the whole family. After that everyone could line up in a queue to greet the couple. This was the time when it was good to be among some Indians who really knew what to do. We followed them and quickly went outside where all the food was. By doing it this way we managed to get almost first in the food queue. And there were so many people who were greeting the couple so when we were finished with both dinner and dessert we joined the queue and were still not the last people in the queue!

This was really a nice event, and it was interesting to get a glimpse of what an Indian wedding is all about. Even if there were no religious ceremonies here, I surely understood some of the importance to tie the bonds between the families and the families and friends and colleagues and other people who really mean something for the couple. By having seen this once, I do really start to understand why it is so important for Indians to have a “proper” wedding, not just a simple ceremony where the couple gets together.

Rumors say that another friend of me is to be married quite soon. This time it is another religion, and I’m already looking forward to the three or five days or something like that with celebrations!

Talk to you soon


One thought on “My first Indian wedding

  1. There is absolutely nothing like a traditional Indian wedding the entire extended clan gets really excited about it pls note the words extended clan


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