Holi & pollution

Hi everyone

First of all I must say sorry for not having come up with any new posts recently. I do realize that there can be two reasons for not blogging. One is that nothing happens and the other is that too much happens so that I don’t have time to write. And well, off course it can be pure laziness… This time I can promise that it has been only due to the fact that it has been too much work. It shouldn’t have been an excuse, I know, but I guess it is the best excuse I can come up with at least.

So, this kinds of lead me into the topic of this blog post. Because of me being exhausted, there was no way I could manage to participate in the yearly Holi festival on Thursday. I wrote a post about the festival last year. But my lack of participation actually gave me a different view of Mumbai. Or should I say that it gave me a better view of Mumbai? From where I live, I know I have a quite fantastic view, but on Thursday with so much less traffic and so much less pollution, I could see even much more. On most days I can easily see the airport. And most often I can see the airplanes coming in there. But behind there I can only see the smog. So it was just fantastic when I looked out of the window and could see so much more of Mumbai! A photo does not justify the view, but I have at least added one so that you can also have a glimpse of what I could see. As some of you know quite well, I’m kind of raised at the beach, so for me to see the sea is just something I love.

So I guess a day like that really give me some reflections also. How can we the people living in Mumbai contribute to reduce the pollution and make this my regular view and not the view I have once in a year? Not that my view is that important, but surely the pollution is a big worry in a city like Mumbai. One simple thing that I will surely try to do is car pooling. In the area where I live we are quite many people who work for the same company, or at least in the same industry complex. If we started to share car instead of everyone drive on our own, that would surely help at least in some way. Do you have any other suggestions?

One other thing that has happened since my last blog post is that my blog is featured as one of the “top expat blogs in Mumbai” by InterNations. If you’re a member of InterNations you can read an interview with me and read the blog here. Otherwise, you can click here and get some more information about Mumbai and how to become an InterNations member. Hopefully this will increase the traffic at the blog and help raise funding for education for more Nanhi Kalis.

Talk to you soon



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