Rahul Dravid

Hi everyone

It just strokes me that it is actually a very long time since I have written anything about cricket at this blog. So when one of the most famous Indian cricketers retired just a few days back, it’s maybe time to write about cricket again. No, it is not Sachin Tendulkar that has retired, which would probably have been an even bigger “happening”. It is Rahul Dravid. Dravid played together with Tendulkar for many years, and that is maybe something that has prevented him from being even bigger than what he actually is. Tendulkar has always been the one who have scored the most runs. Dravid at the other hand, have always been extremely reliable. I think I have stated to understand a bit of cricket now. Well, or, at least I understand that much as that when you play a five days match it is very important not to get out too early. And this is exactly where Dravid comes into the picture. One of the funny things in cricket is that it is the team that bowls that is called the “attacking” team, even if it is the team that bats that can score the runs. People who really understands cricket, which I probably don’t do, say that they are attacking the batsman, or attacking the wickets. But Dravid there to protect the wicket, or as I would have said, to score runs, it was impossible to get him out (almost). He got the nickname as “the wall of Indian cricket”, because he defended his wickets so well. In Bangalore they have actually put up a wall with his name on! If I’ve got it right, they have added one brick for every run he have made. So with his international career now over, the wall has 13,288 bricks on it! As I’m going to Bangalore next month, I guess this is one of the attractions that I should surely try to see. And I think that this number of runs make him number two in the overall list of highest runners in the world. The only small “issue” here is then that number one is also an Indian, and hence being number two don’t really counts.

One funny thing when cricket players “retire” is that they don’t necessarily really retire. They might just decide to not play international matches anymore. So Dravid will still play in IPL 2012, where he will be the team captain of Rajasthan Royals. So it will still be possible to see if Dravid can be a wall at domestic cricket.

And did I forget to mention that he actually supports Arsenal Football Club? He must be a nice guy…

Talk to you soon


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