Some mixed thoughts on a Sunday

Hi everyone

Initially it was the plan that this should be a blog post about cricket, and maybe a bit about St. Patrick’s celebration in Mumbai. But something that happened yesterday partly changed that.

But well, let me start with cricket. In my previous blog post, I wrote about Rahul Dravid, who just retired from International cricket. A few days ago, Sachin Tendulkar, the biggest of all cricket reached a milestone that no one have ever done before him. He scored his 100th century (100 or more runs) in international matches! This is an incredible achievement, and something that quite likely never will be done again. That India actually lost the match in which it happens didn’t seem to mean that much. All newspapers yesterday were full of praise for Tendulkar. And today India played against Pakistan and actually won that match.

As mentioned, above, yesterday we went to an Irish pub to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. This was really nice. I wasn’t aware that there is a proper Irish pub in Mumbai until yesterday. It was full of people, and a huge mix of foreigners and local were there. A band was playing a lot of nice music and everything was quite good.

But it was also at the pub that the incident that I feel I just have to write about happened. I was checking Twitter on my phone (I know, I know, I’m a bit addicted to my phone). Most of the people I follow are Arsenal-players, and suddenly there were a lot of tweets that were marked #PrayForMuamba. It turned out that Fabrice Muamba, a former Arsenal player had collapsed at the football pitch. A lot of other tweets followed, and even I sent one regarding him during the night. At the time of writing, I don’t know exactly the state the young man is in right now, but it is no doubt that he is in a critical state.

This incident also showed how social medias at Internet have changed the society we live in. information like this would never have spread as quickly if it wasn’t for these kind of medias. There is some interesting discussion on this in the latest Arsecast. How will this change India as a country? I guess that can be a topic for a new blog post some time soon.

When I came home, at sometime quite late in the night, I could see a lot of lights at

the street. Yes, I know that the picture is not at all that good. And even the local mosque was decorated with lights. Most probably this was because of some Muslim wedding in the area.

How many other places than India can you celebrate an Irish national day and a Muslim wedding at the same time?

And it’s a bit funny that Norway will turn 5 million people tomorrow 🙂

Talk to you soon



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