Some nice shopping experience in India

Hi everyone


When you say the words “shopping” and “India” combined to any foreigner, that person will usually not think about anything positive. It will more be something like haggle, hassle, not getting everything you expect and things like that. And yes, I can admit that I have been through a bit of that.

But there are a few companies that stand out. I wrote an article about the customer service I got at Raymond’s some time back. Another company that has provided me with good service is Flipkart. Their business idea is very much the same as Amazon. Due to Indian rules & regulations, companies like Amazon are not present here. This has given an opportunity to Flipkart, and they do it very well!

I have used them about three times until now. And with different addresses and phone numbers for delivery. Each time they have been on time, or even before time. When you get a message saying that this book will be delivered within the next 7 days, you would probably expect it to come within the next 10 – 15 days or so. But not from Flipkart. They do deliver when they say they will deliver. It will be a guy on a motor bike delivering. And he will call you in very good English and say that he’s just around the corner and ask for where to meet. Last time he even managed to get in to the reception at my office to deliver. That I think was really nice.

Today I ordered my third book from Flipkart. I did it through the web-browser on my IPhone. Not all web pages are that good to read on an IPhone, but this was very easy. Within seconds I got a SMS confirming my order. And two hours after I had placed my order a person actually even called me in order to confirm it. Ok, I must admit that I’m not that keen on “over confirmations”, but I know that it is quite common here to like to confirm and confirm and confirm a number of times before things actually happen.

The maybe best thing with Flipkart is that you can pay by cash on delivery! I don’t know how many people who just order and never shows up, but for me this is extremely pleasant. No information about my credit card is needed, not any confirmation from the bank. Just pay for the item when you get it. And mind you that not everyone in India does have a credit card. For people who don’t have such things this will be very convenient.

So let’s hope I have not jinxed it now and that my next book will be here on, or before, time.

Talk to you soon


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