Water shortage

Hi everyone

It’s starting to get hot here in Mumbai now! Yesterday or maybe it was the day before, there was over 30 degrees even at 9 pm, and long time after the sun was down. One consequence of this is that there is a shortage of water. This note was put up in the lift (or should I say elevator) yesterday or the day before.

BMC is Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. Among other things they are responsible for water supply for the Greater Mumbai Area.

If I’m right, water shortage is an issue in Mumbai every year around this time. The summer is here, and it is getting hotter and hotter every day. This means that the lakes are drying up also more and more every day. From my window I see directly down on Chandivali Lake or the pond as my neighbors call it. The picture below is taken this morning, and as you can see, the previous blue water is now quite green, and it is a lot of waste floating around there.

In Times of India there is even a separate section for articles related to water crisis.

What can be done to prevent this from happen? In Mumbai it rains quite a lot during the monsoon season, so it should be enough of water here. But there are off course a few problems by having rain only for a few months of the year. One problem in a city with such a dense population is to have a place to store the water. Another issue will be to keep the water in a condition that makes it possible to drink it even after a number of months in a tank or so. Last year one of my friends, who live in a quite posh area of Mumbai, told me about a solution, or should I rather say, a try that they had done in his society. They had constructed a tank at the top of the roof in order to collect the water there. In the theory a brilliant idea. But they had forgotten two important things: 1) It can rain a lot, and I by that I mean, a lot of a lot in Mumbai. 2) How to get the water down from the tank so that it could be used? Some pipes were constructed, but they got full of dirt. So the consequence was that the tank flooded. The water started to flow down the walls, and into the building. So what happened was that they had some flooding at the top most floors! Not really a nice situation.

Hopefully the water will last until the rainy season starts. The only catch is that no one can be sure about when it will start…

Talk to you soon



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