Tsunami warning

Hi everyone

More update: The second earthquake made tremors even in Delhi. It’s maybe actually strange that Mumbai not seem to have been affected. The Earth Sciences Ministry and the National Disaster Management Authority have now “virtually ruled out” any chanced for a tsunami here in India, according to The Hindu. But well, do I trust the Indian government?

Update: Even our office in Bangalore had to evacuate. This is quite serious.

A tsunami warming for India just came in. As it seems right now, Mumbai is not affected, and I do feel safe. Some of my colleagues in Kolkata had to evacuate the building there.

I hope to be able to get some pictures from there during the day and will then surely update this article if I get it.

Talk to you soon!


This is from the beach in Chennai. Will it look like this tomorrow?


3 thoughts on “Tsunami warning

  1. Skule greier. Du kan klikke inn på VG og på “er du i området”, hvis du vil oppdatere dem også?
    Hold deg i høyden.

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